March 29th, 2010
we celebrate the
2nd Annual
Vietnam Veterans
Day, a time set
aside for the
Vietnam Veterans
to recapture some
of the "HONOR"
they received
serving in Vietnam,
Coming home from
Vietnam was met
with much
opposition as to
cause the Veterans
to put away their
uniforms and hide
what they did.
Now some 40
years later they are
asking you to help
them claim the
honor they deserve.

ENTER 2010

Debbie Russo contacted
some area business and
explained what
Veterans Day
means to
the veterans from
Vietnam and 4 of them
rose to meet the

On Monday some of the
Veterans of Vietnam
Veterans of America,
Chapter 678
and their
spouse's started what
was to become an
incredible day of meals,
fellowship and gifts from
area business's.

First stop:
donated a
Pancake Breakfast to all
the Veterans.
Manager Michael
joined in the
celebration and made is
special to the members,
along the way he
learned a little history of
some of the members.
When trying
to decide
where to
spend your
meal bucks,
giving our
restaurants a
try. The meals
and service
were top
Second stop: POCONO BREWING COMPANY in Scotrun, Here the members had a choice of 4
different meals, all with portions that were so large it was hard to finish, Present was
Carl Moritz
and his son from
MORITZ EMBROIDERY, members present were giving a very limited special
Embroidered "Eagle"
in a frame, Vietnam Veteran Ball Cap with our Chapter embroidered in
the back of the cap and
key fobs which also were embroidered. Sheriff Todd Martin attended
and spoke to the group, we were very honored to have him there.

Third Stop:
TANNERSVILLE INN located in Tannersville .Finishes off the day, we had the back
room all to ourselves with the largest turnout for the day, again we had the choice of several
meals, all fit for a king. Members were greeted by a message from John Siptroth who is a Vietnam
Era Veteran and a member of our organization. At every location the members received a gift
complements of Debbie Russo.

The night had one more surprise! A very special cake from  
Don't Forget
The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 678, spent Vietnam Veterans Day  being
showered with free meals and gifts from local restaurants and area merchants. There
Breakfast at the Stroudsburg Pa. Perkins, who not only provided red white and
blue pancakes, they did a patriotic table decoration, see attached photos. Lunch at the
Pocono Brewing Company and, to top the day off, dinner at the
Tannersville Inn. Many
of the festivities were taped by local TV stations, WNEP, WBRE, WYOU and BRCTV-13
while at PBC. The local newspaper, the
Pocono Record, also took pictures and
interviewed attendees for publication the next day while we were at the Inn. While at
the Tannersville Inn, we where also all treated to a specially decorated cake donated
by a local bakery. Every one was, not only stuffed, but very appreciative and, a little
teary eyed by the end of the day for the recognition we were all getting.

Attending members where awarded a limited edition framed Eagle from Moritz
Embroidery in Mount Pocono. Karl Moritz, owner of the company and Vietnam Veteran,
also made up black baseball caps with the VVA patch embroidered on the front and VVA
Chapter 678 on the back for each of the members. Tee Shirts from F.J. Hess with
Vietnam Veterans logos on the back plus Tee shirts from PNC Field, where the
Yankees Triple A farm team plays were also gifted.

Gorman Chiropractic awarded gift certificates plus pens from most area merchants
presented to the veterans in gift bags prepared by the Chapter 678 AVVA.

John Siptroth, who is our local member to the House of Representatives, presented all
attending members at the Tannersville Inn with a 3x5 foot American flag and also a
Pennsylvania state flag. A hat pin of both flags criss crossed was given to each
member. Representative Siptroth is also a member of Chapter 678. It was a tremendous
day for all the members of Chapter 678 who were in attendance during the day.

Of course, none of this would have happened without the tireless efforts of our AVVA
head Debbie Russo who spent countless hours on the phone, and going door to door,
speeking donations. Most folks weren't aware of Vietnam Veterans Day but, once they
were made aware, they were more than happy to go above and beyond to donate and,
cheer the members of the Chapter.

"WELCOME HOME VIETNAM VETERANS DAY" is not published to any extreme currently
but, over time, it will come to be appreciated by the public en masse. Here in the
Poconos, it's not unusual for folks to come up to a Vietnam Veteran and thank them for
the service whenever they see a Vietnam service baseball cap or the distinctive green
jackets of the 'Vietnam Veterans of America, Pocono Chapter 678'. As I've said before,
it's not unusual to get a little teary eyed when you're somewhere and some youngster
comes up to you and says 'thank you', extending they're hand, while they're parents are
off to the side with a big smile on they're face.

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Celebrations in the Poconos
Merry's Custom Cakes
Members of V.V.A. 678, the following
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you have pictures to submit send them
to my and I will post
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